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In these current times of austerity and increasing pressure on plant maintenance budgets, doesn't it make sense that we embrace technology and carry out intelligent maintenance regimes. Control Valve Services Control Valve Diagnostic system provides the solution.

Control Valve Services specialise in providing control valve diagnostics as part of our client's comprehensive maintenance regime, providing Pre-Inspection control valve diagnostics and Post control valve diagnostics tests following maintenance or repair. This ensures that the control valve is put back into service working at their optimum level.

Control valves operating correctly both enhance site safety standards and increase plant efficiency. Pneumatic operated control valves from time to time experience problems in service; CVS control valve diagnostics system can identify these problems in-situ and prevent unnecessary and sometimes costly inspection. CVS are the most competitive company in the market for providing on site or in-house control valve diagnostics services.

Various Process Industry Surveys have shown:
  • 71% of installed valves required rectification
  • Only 12% required removal from the line
  • 48% had calibration problems
  • 15% of valves did not open fully
  • 33% of valves had problems with packing leakage or suffered performance problems due to high packing friction
  • 16% of I/P units were defective or not incorrectly calibrated
  • 22% of valves had insufficient seat load causing poor shut-off
CVS can provide a comprehensive package from initial control valve diagnostics thru control valve inspection, control valve repair and final control valve commissioning, ensuring your plant operates reliably and at optimum levels

CVS Control Valve Diagnostics system features:
  • Tests all Manufactures air operated control valves
  • Test Analogue and Digital control valves
  • Pass / Fail performance standards
  • Detailed multi-page PDF reports
  • Complete Data Management
  • Field Portable, Battery Powered
This is the beginning of a new era Control Valve maintenance practices CVS provide our Clients with a completely neutral and unbiased Control Valve Diagnostics system.

Contact CVS today to join the Control Valve Diagnostics revolution:

Control Valve Diagnosticss
Control Valve Diagnostics